The best rash-ending ointment for 50 years.



Ends rashes. Period.

EndIt! is the most effective way to heal and prevent rashes of all kinds. Originally formulated for diaper rash, EndIt! quickly became known to treat and prevent many skin conditions-poison ivy, oak and sumac, just to name a few! 

It's so good we guarantee it'll work or your money back!


EndIt! ends all your rash pains.


Prevents and heals diaper rash.

         "EndIt! is my first choice when recommending an ointment for bedsores." -Brent Tyndall, R.Ph

"I played football for seven years and never experienced any rub rash thanks to EndIt!" -Nicho Stevens, satisfied customer 

"EndIt! cured my board rash overnight and I was back on the water the next day." -Airlie Pickett, satisfied customer

 The very pharmacy where EndIt! was formulated over 50 years ago.

It started in a tiny pharmacy in North Carolina...

First formulated in in the early 1960's by North Carolina pharmacist W. Douglas Roycroft as an over-the-counter preparation for prevention and treatment of diaper rash, EndIt! was quickly found to treat and prevent all other kinds of rashes and even bed sores.

For over 25 years, EndIt! was sold out of the pharmacy alone and there was no attempt to market it elsewhere. But in 1995, when we started receiving requests to ship around the world, we knew our our "Diaper Rash Ointment" had outgrown its hometown and was ready for the big stage. And because we now knew it took care of so much more than diaper rash, we simply named it EndIt!

Today, EndIt! is being used in hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare organizations around the world and is sold in many pharmacies to countless individuals for prevention and treatment of rashes and bed sores.

For 50 years, EndIt! has been the best, most effective way to treat rashes and bed sores and we're not ending there.



Don't take our word for it, listen to some of our customers from around the world.
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Megan S. Ady, PA-C - Millboro, VA

"I was introduced to Endit ointment from a Shallotte friend.  I use it on my 16 month old daughter nearly every night.  The least bit of redness or irritation on her bottom, and Endit clears it up overnight.  She had horrible diarrhea from being on antibiotics and Endit brought her through without any problem.  I am a PA and see patients routinely in my clinic (adults and children) that have skin irritation and diaper rash - Endit is my "go to" recommendation for care! wish that I could keep samples on hand for patients to try!"  

BRAD B. CARTER, Pharm. D - Thomas Drugs, Shallotte, NC

"EndIt! is the #1 choice I recommend in preventing and treating diaper rash and bed sores when mothers/caregivers come in searching for a remedy. It works fast and is effective! Patients also comment that it shortens the duration, dry's up and provides unbelievable relief from poison ivy and insect bites."



Mary Wall Fischer, R.Ph. - Shallotte NC

"As a fifteen year employee of Mr. Douglas Roycroft, a N.C. R.Ph., who developed the formula for ENDIT at Shallotte Rexall Drugs, Shallotte, N.C., I am pleased to highly recommend, EndIt! rash cream, especially for patients with diaper rash, bedsores, and eczema. I always received positive feedback. In the nineties, I also worked part-time at Medicap Pharmacy in Whiteville, N.C. The owner, Linda Shelburne, also stocked EndIt! cream and we saved many a baby and senior citizen, with a painful rash, a trip to the Doctor. I would still recommend EndIt! Ointment to all my patients with a treatable skin rash."

Amber Carter - Winterville, NC

My daughter (now 17 months old) had horrible diaper rash last year. It was so bad she was bleeding. We went to the doctor (what felt like) every single week for two months. When I tell you we tried everything, oh my goodness we tried EVERYTHING. Finally, my mom suggested EndIt! (She told me she had used it on my Grandmother for bedsores when she was really bad off before her passing.) We tried it and her diaper rash was almost completely healed OVERNIGHT!!! I was thankful and relieved because there had been many, many tears between the two of us over her diaper rash! Now we use it daily, for prevention. I recommend your product to other moms all the time.

The Montes Family from the U.K.

Just wanted to let you all know that we heard about EndIt! from my cousin who saw it being used on her mother while in Duke Hospital. She told me about it because my mother was bed-ridden and being cared for at home by us. We used EndIt! on some bedsores she had and it worked!! We have had hospice ask us what cured her bedsores and even her doctor wanted to know. So, by word of mouth we recommended your product to everyone we know. Unfortunately, we lost my mother November 15, 2011 but not because of bedsores. She was very well taken care of and at age 87 lived a good life with family and friends that cared for her. We will forever be grateful for your product having made things more comfortable for her to bear. We highly recommend EndIt!.

Hilary Miller - Morrisville, NC

"I wanted to thank you for making this product and tell you how much it means to me. My two month old baby caught a nasty stomach virus and as a result got a horrible, bleeding diaper rash. I tried all of the store bought creams and nothing helped, the rash only continued to worsen. I found your product online and gave it a try. I saw noticeable healing in only two days!! My baby was in a lot of pain from his rash but ENDIT cream ended his suffering in a very short amount of time. I have recommended this cream to every mom I know. Please continue making this for years to come."

Jordan Marshal - Reno, NV

"This is a great product and that only thing I have found out of the dozens that I have tried that works well on my psoriasis." 

Brent Tyndall, R.Ph - Coastal Drugs Shallotte, NC

"EndIt! Is always my first choice when recommending an ointment for rashes or bed sores. I have recommended this product to patients for over 23 years for a variety of skin issues. We have considered other products in the past but have always returned to EndIt!.  Now the name speaks for itself and we have many patients that come in specifically for Endit!, even before we are able to make the recommendation. It's reassuring to have a product that does what its marketed to do and that certainly makes my job a little easier."

Brittany Smith - Belhaven, NC

"I'm so excited to find this product and even better it's from right here in N.C. A friend had some and shared with me for my son. I loved it. So I'm ordering one for me and one to give as a baby gift." 

Mary Hylton - Roanoke, VA

"I always give this as part of a baby shower gift now.  Started using it with my Mom, who never had a pressure sore due to consistent use of the cream, her doctors were always amazed, as she was bedridden for 2 years before she passed

Karen Wilcox - Somerville, TX

"A few years ago my sister, who had been a foster parent, recommended your product for our grandson.  Once I found it, I quickly ordered a jar.  Using it saved lots of tears and frustration for our grandson.  We didn't have to try this product or that product because we knew Endit would work the first time and every time.  We will have a new grandson in August.  I shared what was left of my jar with mommy and ordered me another jar. Thank you for making a quality product that is truly reliable."

Katherine Gaskill - Pawleys Island, SC

My daughter in law has used Endit on both her children and since I babysit quite a bit, I have also used it. When she tried other products to see if they compared, she always went back to Endit, as she and I have found nothing else that even compares. I love the odor and I can't believe how well and how quickly it works! Thanks Endit!!

Ramona Brinson- New Bern, NC

This by far the best ointment I've ever use for hemorrhoids. I've had numerous surgeries due to my colon being removed. My hemorrhoids have flared up many times. They've been so bad that I cannot sit at all and have been in tears from pain. I've tried everything I can. Epsom salt baths, prescription meds, OTC meds, everything. Nothing has worked like EndIt! Fantastic product!

CB Harrison - Charlotte, NC

We first discovered end it on a vacation to the NC beaches. My then toddler thought that the beach sand look like a tasty treat, but hours later, she had a blistered bottom. We tried over-the-counter ointment from three local pharmacies before hearing about EndIt!. We applied it to my daughters rash, and by the next morning, the rash was gone, and she was pain-free. We have now been soothed, satisfied customers of EndIt for more than 12 years. It works wonders for a variety of skin problems. I've recommended it to new parents and even included it with baby-shower gifts - it's that good!

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