Allergies. Will EndIt! cause a reaction?

We've never had a report of someone reacting negatively to EndIt!, unless allergic to a specific ingredient in the ointment. Please check out our ingredients to be sure. Always start with a little bit to see how your skin reacts before applying liberally.


Are there parts of the body EndIt! shouldn't be applied to?

Please do not ingest EndIt! but put it just about anywhere you like. Except your eyes. Don't put it in your eyes.  


  • What are the ingredients?
    • Zinc Oxide, Lanolin, Calamine, Cornstarch, White Petrolatum, Resorcinal, Boric Acid, Juniper Tar
  • How much ENDIT should I apply? 
    • For prevention of diaper rash or bed sores, you need only apply a thin layer of ENDIT. 
  • Will it cure advanced stages of bed sores and diaper rash?
    • Yes. Apply liberally to affected areas. Once the rash/sore disappears, use a thin layer for prevention. Please see our usage page for more details.
  • Is it possible to use too much ENDIT?
    • No. Unless allergic to any ingredient(s) in ENDIT, it will not hurt to use too much?
  • Why is there a smoky, tar-like smell?
    • One of the ingredients is Juniper Tar which causes its unique smell.