The very pharmacy where EndIt! was formulated over 50 years ago.

It started in a tiny pharmacy in North Carolina...

First formulated in 1967 by North Carolina pharmacist W. Douglas Roycroft as an over-the-counter preparation for prevention and treatment of diaper rash, EndIt! was quickly found to treat and prevent all other kinds of rashes and even bed sores.

For over 25 years, EndIt! was sold out of the pharmacy alone and there was no attempt to market it elsewhere. But in 1995, when we started receiving requests to ship around the world, we knew our our "Diaper Rash Ointment" had outgrown its hometown and was ready for the big stage. And because we now knew it took care of so much more than diaper rash, we simply named it EndIt!

Today, EndIt! is being used in hospitals, nursing homes, home healthcare organizations around the world and is sold in many pharmacies to countless individuals for prevention and treatment of rashes and bed sores.

For 50 years, EndIt! has been the best, most effective way to treat rashes and bed sores and we're not ending there.